Like the appearance of every pearl, Pearlescent Parfums is inspired by uniqueness.

Each composition is thoughtfully-crafted through hundreds of trial and error experiments until the formula is perfect.

Each release will feature a different two-tone marble-like colored cap. No two caps are alike, in that each and every cap has a different blend of color. So, in this way, every bottle will be unique.

Your fragrance is the finishing touch that complements your individual style.

About the Founders

Conceived in 2019 and launched in 2021, Pearlescent Parfums was created by a husband and wife duo developing fine fragrance that invites you beyond mass-produced commercial fragrance into a world of niche perfume.

Daniel Gallagher is originally from Massachusetts and has been creating fragrance since 2016 under his brand Gallagher Fragrances. He is “the nose” behind Pearlescent Parfums. Mindy Gallagher is a South Texas native and the Creative Director behind Pearlescent Parfums. Together, we bring you thoughtfully-crafted scents which are bottled and shipped with care from us to you.